Welcome Message

The Japan Society of Nutrition and Food Science (JSNFS) is delighted to welcome you to the 12th Asian Congress of Nutrition (12th ACN), scheduled on May of 2015 at Pacifico Yokohama, Japan. The goal of this Congress is to encourage scientific interchange among food and nutrition researchers in Asia. Under the theme of “Nutrition and Food for Longevity: For the Well-Being of All”, the Congress focuses on the expansion of collaborative ties among Asian countries and with our international colleagues. The science of food and nutrition has had a drastic role change in recent times as it has evolved into a truly multidisciplinary science, encompassing work from consumer research to materials technology to process engineering, among other fields. Nutrition and food scientists must take note of the health trends, environmental concerns and the changing economic climate. In developing countries, the problems of famine and malnutrition are still a huge burden, while in developed countries, the increase in obesity and lifestyle-related diseases has become a major issue, and the public concern has shifted from deficiency to overnutrition during the last half century. Given these considerations, the promotion of joint initiatives to improve the understanding and cooperation between societies in nearby countries is welcome. We have a number of latent advantages that should allow us to do this; such as a foundation of good clinical research and talented researchers who can advance the collective knowledge about food and nutrition. The scientific program of the Congress is comprised of symposia and workshops including invitational plenary sessions, special lectures and debates on the current problems of human nutrition and food sciences. We hope the Congress will fortify the Asian and international network of researchers. We wish that you have a productive and enjoyable meeting here in Yokohama.

Teruo Miyazawa
Chair, Organizing Committee of 12th ACN
Professor, Tohoku University