Luncheon / Evening Seminar

For luncheon seminar participants

An admission ticket will be required to attend a luncheon seminar.
Due to a limited amount of lunches offered at these seminars, an admission ticket will be provided in advance by on-line or daily distribution on-site (both free of charge.)
Each person can receive only one ticket for a seminar per a day. Tickets are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

On-line Booking [April 13 (Mon) – 30 (Thu)]

On-line booking will be closed when tickets for advance booking is all sold out.
Most of the admission tickets will be distributed on-line. If you missed the on-line booking, please come to the on-site distribution on the day of the seminar.

Book from here

On-site Distribution [May 15(Fri) – 17 (Sun)]

Distribution starts at 8 am on May 15, 16 and 17 for the seminars of the each day.
Distribution area is the foyer of 1st floor in convention center.
It will be closed when tickets of each seminar is all handed out.

  • *ACN2015 cannot guarantee a participation to luncheon seminars without admission tickets.
  • *Lunch is not provided outside luncheon seminars.
  • *An admission ticket is not required to attend evening seminars.

Seminar Programs

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May 15 (Fri)

Luncheon seminars 12:30-13:30

    “Dietary habits for postponing progression of aging in old age”

    Chair: Prof. Shuhei Kobayashi Japan Food Education Association

    Lecturer: Prof. Shu Kumagai University of Human Arts and Sciences

  • LS 2Nippon Flour Mills Co., Ltd.[ Room 302 ]

    Functional Components in Foods
     1. “Health Function of Lignan from Flaxseeds”
     2. “Ceramide Related Ingredients from Plants as Functional Food Components”

    Chair: Prof. Takashi Nagasawa Iwate University

    Lecturer: Prof. Takuya Sugahara Ehime University

      Prof. Tatsuya Sugawara Kyoto University

  • LS 3DSM Nutritional Products Asia Pacific[ Room 303 ]

    “Folic acid fortification – a benefit for individuals and the society”

    Chair: Dr. Toshio Okano Kobe Pharmaceutical University, Japan

    Lecturer: Prof. Manfred Eggersdorfer University Groningen, Netherlands

      Dr. Atsuo Kondo Tsushima Rehabilitation Hospital, Japan

  • LS 4Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited[ Room 304 ]

    “Anti-dyslipidemic and anti-atherosclerotic effects of fish oil and its mode of action”

    Chair: Prof. Masato Odawara Tokyo Medical University

    Lecturer: Prof. Ichiro Tatsuno Toho University Sakura Medical Center

  • LS 5ONO PHARMACEUTICAL CO. LTD.[ Room 311+312 ]

    “Nutritional Approach for Diabetes and New Era in Diabetes Therapy”

    Chair: Prof. Yutaka Miura Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

    Lecturer: Dr. Toshio Hosaka Kyorin University School of Medicine

  • LS 6Tate & Lyle[ Room 313+314 ]

    “Innovation Food Technology Solutions for Meeting Today's Nutrition and Health Needs”

    Chair: Dr. Kavita Karnik Tate&Lyle, UK

    Lecturer: Prof. Glen Gibson University of Reading, UK

  • LS 7ASAHI GROUP HOLDINGS, LTD.[ Room 414+415 ]

    “Functionality of ‘Benifuki’ green tea beverage”

    Chair: Dr. Mari Maeda-Yamamoto Natl. Food Res. Institute (NARO)

    Lecturer: Ms. Yuki Shinoda ASAHI SOFT DORINKS CO.,LTD

  • LS 8US Soybean Export Council (USSEC)[ Room 416+417 ]

    “Scientific Updates on Soy and Health”

    Chair: Ms. Pauline Chan The Nutrition Place, Singapore

    Lecturer: Dr. Mark Messina Soy Nutrition Institute, US

      Prof. Chisato Nagata Gifu University


    “Is Coffee Drinking Beneficial on Glucose Metabolism?”

    Chair: Dr. Toshitsugu Ishikawa Tamachi Tokuei-bldg. Clinic

    Lecturer: Dr. Suminori Kono National Institute of Health and Nutrition

Evening seminars 18:00-
  • ES 1Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC)[ Room 418 ]

    “Dietary fatty acids impact on health and disease: Updated”

    Chair: Dr. Michiaki Murakoshi  Lion Corporation Japan

    “Dietary macronutrients impact lipoprotein particles and CHD risk”

    Speakers: Dr. Kalyana Sundram  Malaysian Palm Oil Counci

    “Lifestyle nutrition management for a healthy lifestyle”

     Speakers: Dr. Jonny Bowden Consultant, nutritionist & author, USA

  • ES 2The Japanese Society of Food Engineering[ Room 419 ]

    “Collagen Peptide Seminar-Impact of ingestion of collagen peptide on skin conditions”

    Chair: Dr. Yoshihiro Nomura

      Dr. Kenji Sato Kyoto University

    Lecturer: Dr. Kenji Sato Kyoto University

      Mr. Naoki Inoue Nitta Gelatin Inc.

      Mr. Masashi Kusubata Nippi Inc.

  • ES 3U.S.Dairy Export Council (USDEC)[ Room 503 ]

    “Aging and Muscle Loss: Dietary Approaches to Reduce Sarcopenia Risk”

    Chair: Dr. Motoni Kadowaki Niigata University

    Lecturer: Dr. Douglas Paddon-Jones The University of Texas Medical Branch, USA

      Dr. Shuichi Machida Juntendo University

    Panelist: Dr. Moon-Jeong Chang The College of Natural Science Kookmin University

      Dr. Cuiqing Chang Peking University Third Hospital, China

      Dr. Kazuko Ishikawa-Takata National Institute of Health and Nutrition

  • ES 4NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS CO., LTD.[ Room 414+415 ]

    “Future perspective of R&D on lactic acid bacteria in the food industry”

    Lecturer: Dr. Soichi Tanabe Advisor, Nissin Foods Holdings / Professor, Hiroshima University

May 16 (Sat)

Luncheon seminars 12:30-13:30
  • LS 10MSD K.K.[ Room 301 ]

    “Diet and medication in the management of type 2 diabetes: Promising findings in an old couple”

    Chair: Prof. Hitoshi Ishida Kyorin University School of Medicine

    Lecturer: Dr. Daisuke Yabe Kansai Electric Power Hospital

  • LS 11AJINOMOTO CO., INC.[ Room 302 ]

    “Protein Quality: Investing in Human Growth and Social Development”

    Chair: Dr. Shibani Ghosh Tufts University,USA

    Lecturer: Prof. Ricardo Uauy London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK

  • LS 12DSM Nutritional Products Asia Pacific[ Room 303 ]

    “Omega long chain fatty acids – required over the lifecycle”

    Chair: Prof. Manfred Eggersdorfer University Groningen, Netherlands

    Lecturer: Prof. Yuichiro Yamashiro Juntendo University, Japan
    Japanese Society for Child Nutrition Research

      Prof. Stewart Forsyth University of Dundee

  • LS 13AstraZeneca K.K.[ Room 304 ]

    "Is the Composition of Fatty Acids in Dietary fat Relevant Metabolic Symdrome Caused by the Inflammatory Process?"

    Chair: Prof. Tatsuya Sugawara Graduate School of Agriculture Kyoto University

    Lecturer: Dr. Mitsuo Ohni Kyorin University School of Medicine

  • LS 14Kewpie Corporation[ Room 311+312 ]

    “Nutritional properties and health benefits of mayonnaise”

    Chair: Prof. Michihiro Sugano Kyushu University, and Prefectual University of Kumamoto

    Lecturer: Prof. Chizuko Maruyama Japan Women's University

  • LS 15Nippon Boehringer Ingelheim Co., Ltd. / Eli Lilly Japan K.K.[ Room 313+314 ]

    “Will SGLT2 inhibitors bring us to a new stage of the treatment of obesity and type 2 diabetes ?”

    Chair: Dr. Shoichiro Nagasaka Jichi Medical University

    Lecturer: Dr. Satoshi Ugi Shiga University of Medical Science

  • LS 16KYOWA HAKKO BIO CO., LTD[ Room 414+415 ]

    “New Functions and Future Directions of Glutathione”

    Chair: Dr. Hideyo Sato Niigata University

    Lecturer: Dr. Kohji Fukunaga Tohoku University

  • LS 17ITO EN, LTD.[ Room 416+417 ]

    “Multifunctional effects of green tea catechins on lipid metabolism”

    Chair: Prof. Kazuo Kondo Toyo University

    Lecturer: Prof. Ikuo Ikeda Tohoku University

  • LS 18Matsutani Chemical Industry co ltd[ Room 418 ]

    “ "Allulose" a new sweetener, beneficial for the prevention of life-style related diseases such as obesity and diabetes mellitus ”

    Chair: Prof. Yasuo Nagata Nagasaki University

    Lecturer: Prof. Masaaki Tokuda Kagawa University

May 17 (Sun)

Luncheon seminars 12:30-13:30
  • LS 19MEGMILK SNOW BRAND CO., Ltd.[ Room 302 ]

    “MBP (Milk Basic Nutrition) as the Functional Ingredient to Increase Bone Density”

    Chair: Prof. kazuhiro Uenishi Kanagawa Nutrition University

    Lecturer: Prof. Seiichiro Aoe Otsuma Women's University

  • LS 20The Nisshin Oilio Group, Ltd.[ Room 303 ]

    “ The Role of Oils & Fats in Japan, a Country of Highest Overall Life Expectancies ”

    Chair: Emer. Prof. Hiroshige Itakura Ibaraki Christian University

    Lecturer: Prof. Kazuo Kondo Toyo University

  • LS 21Unilever[ Room 304 ]

    “Tea goodness and Unilever's Sustainable Living Plan on Voluntary Sugar Reduction”

    Chair: Dr. Kom Kamonpatana Unilever

    Lecturer: Prof. Yukihiko Hara Hara Office Inc.

      Dr. Karen CunninghamUnilever

  • LS 22Novartis Pharma K. K.[ Room 311+312 ]

    “Low Carbohydrate Diet and SGLT2 Inhibitors”

    Chair: Dr. Shinichi Oikawa Fukujuji Hospital

    Lecturer: Dr. Koichi Inukai Higashiyamato Hospital

  • LS 23Amino Up Chemical Co., Ltd.[ Room 313+314 ]

    “Enzyme-Treated Asparagus Extract (ETAS) Induces Heat Shock Protein 70 Expression and Attenuates Stress”

    Chair: Prof. Tatsuya Hisajima Teikyo Heisei University

    Lecturer: Dr. Jun-etsu Ogasawara Kyorin University

  • LS 24Agilent Technologies Japan, Ltd.[ Room 414+415 ]

    “Application of metabolomics for evaluation of food quality”

    Chair: Dr. Akira Oikawa Yamagata University

    Lecturer: Dr. Yoko Iijima Kanagawa Institute of Technology

  • LS 25Danone Nutricia Research[ Room 416+417 ]

    “Hydration: from daily intake habits and assessment to cognition and mood”

    Chair: Dr. Laurent Le Belleg Danone Nutricia Research, France

    Lecturer: Dr. Saptawati Bardosono University of Indonesia, Indonesia

      Prof. Stavros A. Karouras University of Arkansas, USA

      Dr. Nathalie Pross Biotrial Neurosciences, France

  • LS 26California Walnut Commission[ Room 418 ]

    “Walnut Health Research: Current Understandings, Recent Findings and Consumer Views”

    Lecturer: Dr. Connie Diekman Washington University in St. Louis, USA

      Dr. Emilio Ros Lipid Clinic
    Endocrinology & Nutrition Service
    Hospital Clinic University of Barcelona, Spain

  • LS 27Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd[ Room 501 ]

    “Soy Nutrition for Life-style Disease Risk Reduction -High-risk and Population Approaches to the Prevention”

    Chair: Dr. Shaw WatanabeLife Science Promotion Association

    Lecturer: Prof. Yukio Yamori Mukogawa Women's University Institute for World Health Development