14th May
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Program at a Glance

  • May 14th (Thu)
    14th May
  • May 15th (Fri)
    15th May
  • May 16th (Sat)
    16th May
  • May 17th (Sun)
    17th May

Program (All)

Plenary Lecture

Plenary Lecture

May 14 (Thu)

  • Prof. Jeffrey M. Friedman[ 16:00-17:05 ]

    Rockefeller University, USA

    “Leptin and the Regulation of Food Intake and Body Weight”

  • Prof. Keiko Abe[ 17:05-17:50 ]

    The University of Tokyo, Japan, the Kanagawa Academy of Science & Technology (KAST), Japan

    “Functional Food Science in Japan: Present State and Perspectives”

May 15 (Fri)

  • Dr. Carlos A. Monteiro[ 9:00-9:45 ]

    University of São Paulo, Brazil

    “The Present Role of Industrial Food Processing in Food Systems and Its Implications for Controlling the Obesity Pandemic”

May 16 (Sat)

  • Dr. Kraisid Tontisirin[ 9:00-9:45 ]

    Mahidol Univeristy, Thailand

    “Multi-Stakeholders and Multi-Strategic Approaches for Food and Nutrition Security”

May 17 (Sun)

  • Dr. Takeshi Yasumoto[ 9:00-9:45 ]

    Japan Food Research Laboratories, Japan

    “Chemistry and Safegurding Marine Resources from Natural Contaminants”

Presidential Lecture

Presidential Lecture

May 17 (Sun)

  • Prof. Teruo Miyazawa[ 14:50-15:35 ]

    Tohoku University, Japan

    “Membrane Lipid Peroxidation in Human Nutrition and Aging”

Educational Lecture

Educational Lecture

May 15 (Fri)

  • Dr. Shin-ichiro Imai[ 10:00-10:45 ]

    Washington University School of Medicine, USA

    “The Importance of the Inter-Tissue Communication Mediated by NAMPT/NAD+/SIRT1 in Mammalian Aging/Longevity Control: Is Anti-Aging Intervention Realistic?”

  • Prof. Ascensión Marcos[ 10:00-10:45 ]

    Institute of Food Science, Technology and Nutrition (ICTAN), Spain, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Spain, President of FENS, Belgium
    "The Impact of Overweight and Obesity on Adolescence: Consequences on Metabolic Biomarkers."

  • Dr. Sue-Joan Chang[ 11:00-11:45 ]

    National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

    “Nutrition and Health Promotion – From Molecular to Physiological Modulation”

  • Dr. E Siong Tee[ 11:00-11:45 ]

    Southeast Asia Public Health Nutrition Network, President of Nutrition Society of Malaysia

    “Food-Based Dietary Guidelines of Southeast Asia: An Analysis of Key Messages”

  • Prof. Ichiro Kawachi[ 13:50-14:35 ]

    Harvard University, USA

    “Why Do Behavior Interventions Fail? Insights from Behavioral Economics.”

  • Dr. Mark L Wahlqvist[ 13:50-14:35 ]

    Zhejiang University, China, Institute of Population Health, NHRI, Taiwan, Monash University, Australia

    “Food and Nutrition Security for Healthy Aging”

  • Dr. Mohd Ismail Noor[ 16:10-16:55 ]

    Emeritus Professor in Nutrition, Taylor's University, Malaysia

    “Obesity epidemic in Asia: Issues and Challenges”

  • Prof. Hee Young Paik[ 16:10-16:55 ]

    Seoul National University, Korea

    “Nutrient Standards”

  • Chizuru Nishida[ 16:10-16:55 ]

    Coordinator, Nutrition Policy and Scientific Advice Unit, Department of Nutrition for Haelth and Development, WHO
    "Achieving Policy Coherence for Addressing the Duble burden of Malnutrition: A Global Challenge"

May 16 (Sat)

  • Dr. Graham C Burdge[ 13:50-14:35 ]

    University of Southampton, UK

    “The Early Life Origins of Non-Communicable Diseases: An Overview of Recent Advances”

  • Prof. G. Lynis Dohm[ 16:10-16:55 ]

    East Carolina University, USA

    “There is an Obesity Metabolic Program in Muscle”

May 17 (Sun)

  • Prof. Michael Fenech[ 13:50-14:35 ]

    CSIRO Food and Nutrition, Australia

    Nutrigenomics and Nutrigenetics: The New Paradigm for Optimising Health and Preventing Disease

  • Prof. Jeyakumar Henry[ 13:50-14:35 ]

    Clinical Nutrition Research Centre, Singapore Institute of Clinical Sciences. A*STAR, Singapore

    “Type 2 Diabetes in Asians: Can Diet Make a Difference?”


15th May 16th May 17th May

Sponsored Symposium

FANS Report

Japanese Symposium

  • These sessions will be held in Japanese language as the symposia of The 69th Annual Meeting of Japan Society of Nutrition and Food Science.
    For detailed program, please visit here.
  • May 15 (Fri)
  • Nutrition Labeling and Health Claim of Food
  • May 16 (Sat)
  • Molecular and Physiological Analysis of Metabolic Information Network in Multiple Organs and Tissues
  • May 17 (Sun)
  • Next Generation Zebrafish-Based Nutritional Genomics

Oral Session

15th May 16th May 17th May

Poster Session

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