Please read the following information about your presentation at the congress.

Congress Program

Please see the Program page for the latest congress program.

Presentation time

The time allocated for each presentation is as follows:

Plenary 45 minutes
Educational 45 minutes
Symposium Please ask and confirm the session organizer
Oral session 12 minutes (9 minutes presentation, 3 minutes for Q & A)
Poster session 170 minutes for Free discussion time and 30 minutes for Core time (presentation time)

In order to ensure the smooth operation of the sessions, we ask you to keep to the time allocation as stated above.

Visual Aids

PowerPoint will be the only method of presentation available in this congress. Please provide slides with sufficient font size and contrast to ensure your text can be seen clearly from the back of the large session room.

<For making good presentation slides>
  1. The following projection medium is available for presentation.
    OS: Windows 7
    Application: PowerPoint 2007, 2010, 2013, and PDF Adobe Reader XI (version11.0.2)
    If you would like to use Mac PC, please bring your own PC and the adapter for VGA cable (Mini D-sub 15 pin).
    We will prepare a computer, a monitor, a microphone and a laser pointer on the podium in session rooms. Your presentation slides will be automatically uploaded from Speaker's Desk on the presentation PC in advance.
  2. PowerPoint presentation files should be prepared in English.
  3. Please ensure that every page is clear and does not contain too much information.
  4. Pictures should be saved as reasonable sizes. You should not use too large data to avoid troubles.
  5. Please be sure to bring the presentation data in USB flash drive, and also prepare back-up data to avoid unnecessary troubles. We recommend you to save the back-up data as a PDF file.
  6. You cannot use any sound nor internet connection in presentation.
    If you need to use movies, please bring use your own PC.

Speaker's Desk

Date Time
May 14 (Thu) 16:00 - 20:00
May 15 (Fri) 8:00 - 16:30
May 16 (Sat) 8:00 - 16:30
May 17 (Sun) 8:00 - 14:30

We ask you to meet with our audio-visual staffs in the Speaker's Desk to check, rehearse and upload slide data prior to your presentation. Please come to the room at least one-hour before your presentation. Your data will be collected and automatically transferred to the computer installed in each session room.

If you have movies embedded in your presentation, please bring your own PC to the session room of your presentation at least 15 minutes prior to your session, after rehearsing in the Speaker's Desk.
Speaker's Desk is “Room 316” in the 3rd floor of PACIFICO YOKOHAMA, conference center.
For open hours, see the right column.

On presentation

You can control the slides on the podium. Your presentation slides will be automatically uploaded from Speaker's Desk on the presentation PC in advance.

<Presentation slides after congress>
Your presentation slides will be deleted after the congress, and will not be provided to any attendees nor opened to public.

Poster Presentation

1. Poster Boards

Size: Width 90cm x Height 210cm
Recommended usable area: Width 80cm x Height 160cm
Poster Number: A5 size (Provided by the Secretariat)

Posters should be displayed on the boards using pushpins that will be available at the Poster Session room. No other adhesive method is permitted on the boards.

2. Set up & Removal Time

Exhibition Prospectus and Application Form May 15(Fri) -16(Sat) Exhibition Prospectus and Application Form May 17(Sun)

Category May 15 AM May 15 PM May 16 AM May 16 PM May 17 AM
Set-up 8:30-9:00 13:40-14:10 8:30-9:00 13:40-14:10 8:30-9:00
Free Discussion Time 9:00-11:50 14:10-15:30,
9:00-11:50 14:10-15:30,
Core Time Presentation 11:50-12:20 15:30-16:00 11:50-12:20 15:30-16:00 11:50-12:20
Removal 12:20-12:30 17:30-17:40 12:20-12:30 17:30-17:40 12:20-12:30

You are responsible for setting up and removing your poster.
The Secretariat will not be responsible for loss of the poster after remoral time.